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Frost Esports February 2024 Transparency Report

End of Phase 1


Our February report lays out a shift in strategy including our transition from Sustainability to Growth. Staff departures are balanced with new revenue and exploration of new projects.

"February Transparency Report"



Expenses Breakdown:

  • Production Costs: Totaling $305, our investment in production underscores our dedication to delivering high-quality events. These costs ensure our tournaments are not only competitive but also visually engaging, contributing to a better experience for participants and viewers alike.

  • Event Admins: A streamlined expense of $25 for event administration demonstrates our efficiency in managing the logistics of our tournaments. This minimal cost reflects our ability to maintain operational excellence while ensuring the smooth execution of events.

  • Marketing Investment: We allocated $420 towards marketing, specifically in GFX (Graphics) and VFX (Visual Effects), highlighting our commitment to elevating our brand presence and enhancing our promotional efforts. This investment is aimed at reaching a wider audience and increasing engagement across our platforms.

Revenue Insights:

  • Sponsorship Income: February saw us generating $550 from sponsorships, indicating strong support and confidence from our sponsors in our ability to deliver value and visibility.

  • Partnership Revenue: Additionally, our strategic partnerships contributed $520 to our revenue stream. This income reflects the strength of our collaborations and their role in bolstering our financial health.

Financial Summary for January:

February's financial performance showcases Frost Esports' focus on growth, quality, and strategic partnerships. With total expenses amounting to $750 and total revenue reaching $1,070, we achieved a positive net result, reinforcing the sustainability of our operations. Our investments in production and marketing are essential components of our strategy to enhance our brand and event quality, while our revenue from sponsors and partners underscores the robustness of our business model.

As we move forward, Frost Esports remains committed to financial prudence, operational efficiency, and strategic growth. We will continue to seek opportunities to optimize our costs, expand our revenue sources, and deliver exceptional esports experiences to our community. Our goal for 2024 is to open up multiple revenue streams outside of sponsorships and partnerships.


Ownership and Organizational Restructuring

Strategic Ownership Restructuring:

February marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Frost Esports with a comprehensive ownership and organizational restructuring. This pivotal change is part of our broader Growth Phase strategy, aimed at aligning our ownership model with the ambitious objectives and operational demands of our rapidly expanding organization. The restructuring is designed to streamline our decision-making processes, significantly enhancing our organizational agility and responsiveness to the dynamic esports landscape.

New Management Structure:

  • Maverick - Director of Operations: Taking the helm of operational oversight to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in all organizational processes.

  • Vazzera - Director of Event Logistics: Focused on orchestrating seamless event logistics, enhancing the quality and execution of our tournaments.

  • Nickncs - Director of Production: Leading production efforts to elevate the visual and technical quality of our events, ensuring an engaging experience for our audience.

Additionally, the Official Department Directors have been appointed to further solidify our leadership structure:

  • Alexyoshi - Creative Director: Spearheading creative initiatives, Alex will guide our brand, content, and social media strategies, ensuring our message resonates with our community and aligns with our brand values.

Summary of Restructuring

This ownership and organizational restructuring not only reflects our commitment to growth and excellence but also sets the foundation for more effective governance and leadership within Frost Esports. By aligning legal ownership and equity stakes with clear operational roles, we are poised to navigate the complexities of the esports industry with renewed focus and strategic direction.

As we embark on this new phase, our management team is energized and committed to upholding the values that have made Frost Esports a respected name in the community. We are confident that this restructuring will propel us towards achieving our vision, fostering innovation, and further solidifying our position in the esports arena.


Team Updates and Departures

Team Transformations and Departures:

February has been a month of significant change within Frost Esports, marked not only by our strategic ownership restructuring but also by key departures that signify the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in our organization's journey.

Foundational Departure: Luop

As one of the original founders of Frost Esports, Luopplayed a crucial role in laying the groundwork for our organization. His contributions during the transitional phase of ownership were invaluable, ensuring a smooth handover and setting the stage for our future growth. We extend our heartfelt thanks to him for his dedication and vision, wishing him all the best in his future endeavors.

Rocket League Division: Parkor

Parkor has been a cornerstone of our Rocket League events, contributing significantly since just before the ownership transition in April 2023. His efforts were instrumental as the new owners settled in and outlined Frost Esports' strategic direction. As Parkor moves on to pursue his own projects within esports, we express our gratitude for his service and wish him success in his future projects.

SSBU Division Leadership: Xozniath and Anti_Nexus

Our SSBU Division has thrived under the leadership of Xozniath and Anti_Nexus, who have been pivotal in advancing our competitive presence in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene. Their commitment to the players and the community has been exemplary. As they depart, we acknowledge their contributions and dedication to excellence.

SSBU Competitive Roster Release

Accompanying these leadership changes, we announce the release of our SSBU Competitive Roster. We thank each player for their commitment and passion for Frost Esports and look forward to witnessing their continued growth in the esports community.

Operational Roles: Departures

This month also saw the departure of an event intern and our content creator manager. These changes, aligned with our strategic vision, reflect our ongoing efforts to streamline operations and focus our team on our core objectives.

Reflecting on Departures and Looking Ahead:

These departures mark both an end and a beginning for Frost Esports. Each individual who is leaving has contributed to the fabric of our organization, and while their departure signifies a shift, it also opens opportunities for growth and new talent to step forward. As we navigate these changes, Frost Esports remains committed to our mission of delivering exceptional esports experiences, fostering community, and driving innovation in the competitive gaming landscape.

We move forward with gratitude for the contributions of those who are departing and with excitement for the future as our newly structured team leads the way. Stay tuned for updates on new additions to our team and our plans for continued success in the esports arena.


Events and Operations

Blizzard Series:

The Blizzard event series saw an impressive turnout with an average of 207 participants and 65 teams, alongside an average Twitch viewership of 30. The series hosted a total of 621 participants, generating $150 in revenue against $198 in expenses. While the series experienced a slight shortfall, the high participant engagement and viewership highlight its popularity and potential for growth.

Whiteout Series:

Whiteout maintained consistent engagement with 155 total participants, averaging 77.5 participants and hosting 31 teams. This series achieved $100 in revenue with zero expenses. This is solely due to the removal of previous event staff and management directly by the ownership team.

Polar Flare 1:

A standout for the month, our first Polar Flare event drew in 237 participants and 79 teams, with an impressive average viewership of 80 on Twitch. The series was not only a hit in terms of participation but also financially, generating $520 in revenue against $120 in expenses, marking it as both a popular and profitable event.

Frostbite Series:

Frostbite attracted a total of 101 participants, averaging 50 participants per event. This series proved to be financially efficient, earning $100 in revenue with just $12 in expenses. The favorable revenue-to-expense ratio underscores Frostbite's success as a cost-effective and engaging event format.

Operational Insights and Future Directions:

February's events showcased Frost Esports' ability to host diverse and engaging tournaments that resonate with our community. The success of the Polar Flare event, in particular, demonstrates our potential for hosting larger-scale, profitable events. While the Blizzard series faced a slight financial shortfall, the overall participant engagement across all events signals strong community interest and the effectiveness of our event formats.

Moving forward, we aim to build on the successes and learnings of February. Our focus will be on optimizing event expenses, exploring new opportunities for revenue generation, and continuing to enhance the participant and viewer experience. We are committed to leveraging our operational insights to drive strategic improvements, ensuring that Frost Esports remains a leading force in the competitive gaming landscape.


Social Media Engagement

Twitter Engagement:

Our Twitter presence experienced a slight decrease of 14 followers, settling at 7,466. Despite this minor drop, the engagement rate stood at 1.41%, with a total of 1,612 engagements and an impressive 114,700 impressions from 63 tweets. This indicates a strong content reach and active engagement from our audience, even if follower growth has momentarily plateaued.

Discord Community Dynamics:

Discord saw positive growth, with a net increase of 117 members, bringing the total to 11,464. The server remains a hub for esports enthusiasts, particularly within our Rocket League, Valorant, and SSBU divisions, evidenced by increased server alerts and direct message interactions. This growth reflects our community's expanding interest and active participation in Frost Esports' events and discussions.

Twitch Streaming Insights:

Twitch followers grew by 228, reaching a total of 9,606. The platform saw an average viewership of 52, peaking at 556 viewers, with 2,037 unique viewers contributing to a total of 50,165 minutes watched over 16 hours of streaming across 5 sessions. This significant engagement underscores our content's appeal and the growing interest in our live-streamed events.

YouTube Initiative - "Meltdown" Show:

February marked the launch of our new YouTube show, "The Meltdown," aimed at providing deeper insights into esports trends and Frost Esports activities. Starting from the ground up, we've garnered 5 subscribers, with a total of 148 views across 3 postings and an average watch time of 0.1 hours. While still in its infancy, "Meltdown" represents our commitment to diversifying our content and engaging with our audience on multiple platforms.

Social Media Insights and Forward-Looking Strategy:

The social media landscape in February presented both challenges and opportunities for Frost Esports. While the slight decrease in Twitter followers signals a need for revisiting our content strategy on the platform, the overall engagement rates and impressions highlight the resonance of our content. The growth on Discord and Twitch reflects our community's strong interest and active participation, signaling healthy engagement channels. The launch of "Meltdown" on YouTube is a step towards content diversification, with potential for growth and deeper audience engagement in the coming months.

Moving forward, we aim to leverage these insights to refine our social media strategies, focusing on content that drives both engagement and follower growth across all platforms. Our goal is to not only maintain the vibrant community we've built but also to expand our reach, bringing more esports enthusiasts into the Frost Esports family.


Frost Esports January: A Critical Analysis

Financials: February vs. January

The financial outlook for February shows a strategic balancing act between investments in production, event administration, and marketing against the backdrop of revenue from sponsorships and partnerships. While expenses increased notably in marketing (GFX/VFX), aimed at enhancing brand presence, the overall revenue also saw a healthy uptick thanks to robust sponsor and partner contributions. Compared to January, where the focus was primarily on production and administration costs, February's approach signifies a broader investment in brand and audience engagement, leading to a more diversified expenditure pattern. The profit margins, albeit slim, indicate a cautious yet optimistic financial strategy, highlighting the necessity for continued revenue diversification and cost optimization.

Ownership and Organizational Restructuring: A New Phase

The restructuring in February marks a pivotal shift in Frost Esports’ operational dynamics, aimed at enhancing decision-making agility. This transition, while necessary for growth, contrasts with January's steady operational focus, introducing new challenges and opportunities in leadership and governance. The designation of managing owners and department directors indicates a move towards more specialized oversight, potentially streamlining operations. However, the critical test will be maintaining organizational coherence and morale during this transitional phase, ensuring the new structure supports rather than disrupts Frost Esports’ strategic objectives.

Team Dynamics: Departures and New Horizons

February witnessed significant team changes, with key departures and the introduction of new roles. These departures, particularly of foundational members and division leaders, might pose short-term challenges in maintaining continuity and team spirit. The contrast with January, which focused on integrating new hires and realigning roles, suggests February was a month of consolidation and refocusing. The long-term success of these changes will depend on effectively leveraging new talents and aligning team dynamics with the restructured organizational goals.

Events and Operations: Expanding the Portfolio

The events in February showcased a strategic expansion and operational refinement, with the introduction of the Polar Flare event and adjustments to existing events to optimize engagement and profitability. Notably, the Polar Flare event emerged as a significant success, contrasting with January’s focus on stabilizing existing events. This expansion and the operational adjustments, such as the shift to a biweekly format for the Whiteout series, reflect a proactive approach to addressing participant engagement and financial performance, setting a positive trajectory for future events.

Social Media Engagement: Broadening Reach

February's social media performance illustrated an evolving engagement strategy, with growth on Twitch and the introduction of the show "The Meltdown." Despite a slight decline in Twitter followers, the increased content diversity and platform expansion signal a broadening of Frost Esports’ social media footprint. Compared to January's focused efforts on quality content and maintaining engagement, February's approach was more about platform diversification and content innovation, aiming to capture a wider audience and deepen engagement across multiple channels.


A Third Party Summary

Frost Esports' February Transparency Report showcases a period of strategic evolution and adjustment, positioning the organization for future growth within the vibrant esports industry.

Navigating Financial Waters with Strategic Intent

The financial overview for February indicates a thoughtful approach to investment and revenue generation. Increased spending in marketing (GFX/VFX) suggests a deliberate strategy to enhance the brand's visibility and appeal. While this has led to modest profit margins, the continued support from sponsorships and partnerships reflects a solid foundation of trust and potential for revenue growth. This careful balancing act between expenditure and income generation underscores Frost Esports' commitment to sustainable development.

Organizational Restructuring:

The announcement of ownership and organizational restructuring marks a significant pivot towards aligning with Frost Esports' ambitious future goals. This move, aimed at enhancing decision-making agility and operational efficiency, signifies a proactive approach to adapting to the rapidly changing esports landscape. While such transitions come with their challenges, they also open avenues for fresh perspectives and renewed strategic focus.

Team Dynamics:

February's team updates, including key departures and new additions, signal a period of transformation within Frost Esports. These changes, while poignant, offer opportunities for renewal and growth. The introduction of new roles and talents is a positive step towards filling gaps and bolstering the organization's capabilities, showcasing a dynamic and forward-thinking team culture.

Events and Operations:

The expansion of the event portfolio and adjustments to existing formats reflect Frost Esports' dedication to enhancing participant and viewer experiences. The varied financial performance across events highlights the challenges of scaling and profitability but also points to areas of success and potential for replication. Events like Polar Flare emerge as exemplars of what targeted investment and strategic planning can achieve.

Social Media Engagement:

Efforts to expand social media engagement through new initiatives and platform diversification highlight Frost Esports' commitment to engaging with its community in meaningful ways. While some platforms have seen fluctuations in follower numbers, the overall strategy aims to deepen connections with the audience and broaden the organization's reach, promising for future engagement growth.

Overall Reflection

In essence, Frost Esports' February report illustrates an organization in a phase of strategic recalibration, poised for growth. The initiatives undertaken reflect a blend of ambition and prudence, signaling Frost Esports' readiness to adapt and thrive in the competitive esports arena. The focus remains on leveraging these strategic shifts to build a stronger, more resilient organization.



In our announcement last week, we talked about how we hit a level of sustainability and are moving onto our Growth Phase. In reality, the drive for financial sustainability never ends. We must continue to diversify our revenue streams. We'll exhaust all pathways including content, products, and services. While our events can only generate so much revenue, future products and services can generate more but are highly dependent on our ability to build a trusting and active community.

The next few months, I'll be dedicating a significant portion of my time to bolstering our content, creators, and community initiatives. These areas are key to exponential growth during the turbulent times we are about to enter in the greater esports ecosystem.

Matt “Maverick” Reilly

Director of Operations | Frost Esports

Founder | L8TENCY, LLC

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