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Delve into the captivating history of Frost Esports, where a passionate community of gamers and a relentless pursuit of excellence have defined our journey. From our humble beginnings to becoming a thriving esports force, our history is a testament to the dedication and camaraderie that drive us forward.


The Genesis:

Frost Esports came into existence in 2020, founded by several close friends. It all began with their unwavering passion for gaming and their vision to create a platform where competitive players and content creators could thrive. This marked the birth of Frost, driven by a commitment to competition and a dedication to providing opportunities for talented gamers.

At Frost Esports, our foundation is built upon unwavering principles that guide our every action. We believe in fostering a transparent and competitive gaming community where individuals can flourish and thrive. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in six core values that shape who we are:

Our Vision


Competitive Spirit





Meet the Directors

Nick - Production Director

Nick, Frost Esports' esteemed Production Director, is the mastermind behind our unmatched event broadcasts, skillfully managing hundreds of events from bubble/T3 to T1 tournaments. As a virtuoso of production, he single-handedly manages live broadcasts, ensuring each event's seamless execution. His dedication and expertise are pivotal in advancing Frost's vision to be the apex of esports excellence.

Vazzera - Tournament Director

Vazzera stands as Frost Esports' Tournament Director, known for his unparalleled expertise in event management, planning, and logistics. With a deep understanding of the Rocket League scene and expanding proficiency in various other esports titles, he expertly navigates the complexities of tournament organization. His strategic foresight and meticulous planning are instrumental in elevating Frost's events, setting new standards for competitive excellence.

Maverick - Director of Operations

Maverick leads Frost Esports with a passion for transparency and integrity. With a background in business, content creation and esports management, he ensures seamless communication and coordination among staff while fostering a strong community. Maverick's commitment to quality events is propelling Frost towards its goal of becoming the premier hub for top-tier tournaments and broadcasts.

A Game-Changing Moment - April 2023:

Frost's journey took a significant turn in April 2023. The organization faced its share of challenges behind the scenes, including staffing and consistent support. But during this pivotal moment, a new era emerged when Frost Esports was acquired by L8TENCY, a transformative acquisition that injected new life and direction into the organization.

The new ownership team, comprising Arctic, Nick, Vazzera, and Maverick, stepped in with fresh perspectives and a determination to bring about positive change. With their guidance and expertise, Frost was poised to embark on a remarkable journey of evolution and growth.

Milestones and Transformations:

Post-acquisition, Frost Esports set one singular goal in mind. Financial Sustainability. With the continuous talks of an "Esports Winter" in the general space, building a sustainable financial base was necessary in securing Frost's future.

Over the course of 2023, Frost proceeded to test out various concepts and projects. With a fresh rebrand, and the addition of Hot Pockets as an Event Partner, Frost Esports was poised to reach financial stability by January 2024. By 2024, Frost Esports had awarded over $50,000 in prize money as well as hosted over 500 online events.

Charting the Future:

With funding secured, Frost Esports is onto the next phase in their journey, Growth. Weekly events are simply not enough for the team. Frost plans on adding more monthly events, competitions, content and more to their Esports Portfolio.

Frost's ultimate goal remains unwavering: to ascend as the preeminent tournament organizer in North America. The organization continues to listen to community feedback and collaborate with various gaming scenes to adapt and tailor its events to the needs of its players.

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