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Our partnership program enables organizations to gain considerable exposure by sponsoring our public tournaments. Depending on your budget, you can choose between a sponsorship or partnership path, each offering unique benefits like logo placements, promotional content, recognition on our platforms, time slots on broadcasts, and much more. 



  • ☑️ Prominent Branding: Logo placement on key broadcast materials, such as lower thirds, scoreboard, and pause screens.
    ☑️ Segment Sponsorship: Sponsorship of specific broadcast segments (e.g., match of the day, player of the game).
    ☑️ Social Media Features: Regular features on social media, including shoutouts, sponsored posts, and content collaborations.
    ☑️ Event Mentions: Verbal acknowledgments during broadcasts thanking Silver Sponsors for their support.

    Gold Broadcast Package | 32 Weeks | $2500

  • ☑️ Visible Branding: Logo placement on selected broadcast materials, such as corner bugs or during specific segments.
    ☑️ Social Media Recognition: Periodic mentions and thank-yous on social media platforms, highlighting sponsorship support.
    ☑️ Event Mentions: Verbal acknowledgments during broadcasts thanking Silver Sponsors for their support.

    Silver Broadcast Package | 16 Weeks | $1350

  • ☑️ Basic Branding: Logo inclusion in a collective logo rotation for sponsors.
    ☑️ Social Media Mention: Single social media post thanking all Community Sponsors collectively.
    ☑️ Event Mentions: Verbal acknowledgments during broadcasts thanking Silver Sponsors for their support.

    Basic Broadcast Package | 8 Weeks | $800

  • ☑️ Logo placement on community event promotional materials
    ☑️ 1 giveaway powered by your brand
    ☑️ Featured content on Frost Esports' social media platforms, highlighting the sponsor's support for the community.
    ☑️ Sponsored community challenges or tournaments with branded prizes or giveaways.
    ☑️ Dedicated post in ⁠😊┃our-partners Discord Channel
    ☑️ Access to post in the ⁠🚨┃promotion Discord Channel

    Community Sponsor | $250/month

  • ☑️ Logo placement on banners, event signage, and promotional materials.
    ☑️ Brand mentions during event broadcasts, interviews, and on social media channels.
    ☑️ Featured branding on the official Frost Esports website with a link to the sponsor's site.
    ☑️ Dedicated post in ⁠😊┃our-partners
    ☑️ Access to post in the ⁠🚨┃promotion
    ☑️ Monthly giveaway powered by your brand

    General Sponsor | $1000/year

  • ☑️ Comprehensive Branding: Logo placement across all Frost Esports platforms, including digital (website, social media), physical (event banners, player jerseys), and broadcast materials.
    ☑️ Interactive Campaigns: Launch of interactive campaigns or contests designed to engage the community, with incentives linked to the partner's products or services.
    ☑️ Targeted Social Media Campaigns: Regular promotion and acknowledgment of the partnership through targeted social media campaigns, leveraging Frost Esports’ channels for maximum reach.
    ☑️ All event participants required to follow/join a dedicated channel of your choice.
    ☑️ Dedicated post in ⁠😊┃our-partners
    ☑️ Access to post in the ⁠🚨┃promotion

    General Partnership | $100/month (Minimum 6 months)

  • ☑️ Exclusive Branding: Primary logo placement on all broadcast materials, including overlays, transitions, and backgrounds.
    ☑️ Dedicated Segments: Opportunities for dedicated segments or shows within the broadcast, such as pre-game analysis, post-match breakdowns, or player interviews, all branded as presented by the sponsor.
    ☑️ Audience Engagement: Direct engagement opportunities through sponsored giveaways, contests, or call-to-action prompts during the broadcast, driving viewer interaction with the partner’s brand.
    ☑️ Social Media Shoutouts: Regular mentions and shoutouts on Frost Esports’ social media channels before, during, and after broadcasts, linking directly to the partner.
    ☑️ Dedicated post in ⁠😊┃our-partners
    ☑️ Access to post in the ⁠🚨┃promotion

    Broadcast Partnership | $400/month (Minimum 6 months)

  • ☑️ Co-Branded Content: A co-branded video series, show, or multimedia content that aligns with both Frost Esports' values and the partner's branding objectives.
    ☑️ Logo Placement: Logo in content-related visuals, thumbnails, intro/outro segments, and alongside content on all relevant platforms.
    ☑️ Content Highlight: Featured products or services within the content where it adds value to the audience, such as showcasing gaming gear in tutorials or tech reviews.
    ☑️ Social Media Promotion: Leverage Frost Esports' social media channels to promote co-branded content, tagging and mentioning the partner to maximize reach and engagement.
    ☑️ Dedicated post in ⁠😊┃our-partners
    ☑️ Access to post in the ⁠🚨┃promotion

    Content Partnership | $500/month (Minimum 6 months)

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