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Frost Esports March 2024 Transparency Report


Financial Overview:

  • March saw balanced financial management with strategic investments in production and social media to enhance content quality.

  • Key expenditures included owner buyouts and payouts, with a notable revenue stream from partnerships, highlighting the need for more diversified revenue sources.

Event Operations:

  • Frost Esports' events, particularly the Blizzard and Smu5h series, demonstrated strong participant engagement, though monetization remains an area for improvement.

  • Operational focus was on delivering high-quality experiences, suggesting a potential review of pricing and sponsorship strategies for better financial outcomes.

Social Media Engagement:

  • Social media showed growth in community platforms like Discord and TikTok, indicating effective audience engagement.

  • Variable engagement rates across platforms like YouTube and Twitter underscore the importance of a unified and dynamic content strategy.

Strategic Roadmap:

  • The roadmap outlined a clear strategy for becoming a leading name in online tournament hosting, emphasizing market analysis, brand development, community engagement, and financial sustainability.

  • The phased approach to initiatives, from content overhaul to global expansion, reflects a comprehensive plan for growth, albeit requiring precise execution and market adaptability.


  • Frost Esports is strategically navigating the esports landscape with a focus on quality, community, and sustainability.

  • Financial prudence, coupled with innovative event and content strategies, will be key to achieving long-term growth and market dominance.

  • The organization's ability to adapt to changing market conditions and internal dynamics will be crucial in realizing its ambitious vision for the future.

"February Transparency Report"



Expenses Breakdown:

  • Owner Payouts and Buyouts: We finalized a buyout for Luop's remaining 5% ownership totaling $150 and made owner payouts to Directors Vazz, Nick, and Alex, amounting to $95, $45, and $68 respectively, aligning with our organizational restructuring efforts.

  • Production Investments: Significant expenses were directed towards enhancing our event quality, including $200 for casters, $100 for producers, and $160 for the Meltdown production, totaling $460.

  • Social Media and Content Creation: Our social media and content creation efforts, crucial for engaging our audience, involved $315 for initial GFX work and an additional $75 later in the month.

Revenue Insights:

  • Revenue: Our earnings were bolstered by a $500 payment from Trolli, contributing positively to our financial landscape.

Financial Summary and Insight:

March's financial activities for Frost Esports suggest a dual focus on operational investment and financial sustainability. The buyout and owner payouts reflect necessary adjustments within the organizational structure, aligning with the strategic ownership restructuring. The significant investment in production, particularly for casters, producers, and the Meltdown series, indicates a commitment to enhancing event quality and viewer experience. However, these expenditures also highlight the need for careful cost management to ensure long-term financial health.

The social media and content creation expenses underline the importance placed on audience engagement and brand presence. The partial loan repayment demonstrates prudent financial management and a commitment to reducing liabilities. Meanwhile, the consistent revenue from Trolli, despite the various expenditures, suggests a stable income stream but also emphasizes the need for diversifying revenue sources to bolster financial resilience against variable expenses.

Insight: Frost Esports must continue to balance its investment in quality production and content with the imperative of financial sustainability. Exploring additional revenue streams and optimizing costs will be crucial in maintaining a healthy financial status while investing in growth and quality enhancements.


Roadmap Development: SMART Objectives

Goal: Becoming the Premier Name in Online Tournament Hosting

Frost Esports aims to dominate the online tournament hosting space in North America and Europe, focusing on strategic initiatives across various operational silos to achieve this goal.

Strategic Silos and Initiatives:

  1. Market Analysis and Targeting:

    1. Conducting thorough market segmentation, competitive, and trend analyses to identify and capture key audience segments.

    2. Initiatives like public competitor analytics dashboards are planned to enhance community engagement and provide valuable insights.

  2. Brand Positioning and USP Development:

    1. Defining our core values, mission, and competitive edge to develop a unique selling proposition (USP) that resonates within the esports community.

  3. Partnership and Collaboration:

    1. Focusing on identifying potential partners and defining collaborative goals to foster mutually beneficial relationships and enhance brand reach.

  4. Community Building and Engagement:

    1. Developing community platforms and engagement programs, like workshops and player academies, to nurture talent and strengthen community ties.

  5. Marketing and Promotion:

    1. Launching targeted advertising campaigns and influencer partnerships to increase brand visibility and engagement across key markets.

  6. Operational Excellence and Scalability:

    1. Optimizing tournament hosting platforms and processes to ensure seamless operations and scalability for larger event portfolios.

  7. Monitoring and Adaptation:

    1. Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and feedback loops to continuously monitor performance and adapt strategies as necessary.

  8. Financial Planning and Sustainability:

    1. Identifying diverse revenue streams and managing costs to ensure long-term financial health and sustainability of the organization.

  9. Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

    1. Ensuring adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, including intellectual property rights, data protection, and gaming regulations.

2024 Timeline and SMART Objectives:

  • Q2 Initiatives:

    • Overhaul the YouTube channel, launch merchandise, and start public competitor analytics dashboards to drive growth and revenue.

    • SMART Objective: Increase YouTube engagement by 30% and launch two new merchandise lines by the end of Q2.

  • Q3 to Q4 Initiatives:

    • Transition our bi-weekly Valorant events, develop services, and establish Frost Esports player academies.

    • SMART Objective: Double the participant numbers in Valorant events and launch the Frost Esports academy with at least 100 enrollees by Q4.

  • 2025 and Beyond:

    • Expand into the European market through franchising and develop structured leagues and a Pro-Am event to solidify market presence.

    • SMART Objective: Establish a franchised EU branch and launch a league structure contributing to a 20% increase in overall event participation by the end of 2025.

Summary of Roadmap

Frost Esports' roadmap for becoming the premier name in online tournament hosting is articulated through a series of strategic silos and initiatives, meticulously planned to span various operational facets. The roadmap emphasizes comprehensive market analysis, robust brand positioning, strategic partnerships, and community engagement. It prioritizes marketing and promotional activities, operational excellence, continuous monitoring and adaptation, financial sustainability, and strict legal compliance. The 2024 timeline sets forth a sequence of prioritized initiatives, ranging from enhancing digital platforms to launching new community programs, and expanding operational territories, all aimed at fostering growth and revenue.

Strategic Insight: For Frost Esports to realize its vision, it is imperative to execute the outlined initiatives effectively while maintaining flexibility to adapt to the ever-evolving esports market dynamics. The roadmap’s success hinges on integrating these strategic silos, executing initiatives with precision, and continually assessing market responses to refine the approach. Frost Esports needs to ensure that each step not only aligns with immediate business objectives but also contributes to building a sustainable and globally recognized brand in the esports arena.


Events and Operations

Blizzard Series:

This Rocket League event maintained strong participation with average participants ranging from 116 to 245 across five iterations, generating consistent revenue but also incurring steady expenses, pointing to a need for cost-efficiency analysis.

Whiteout Series:

The Whiteout Valorant events continued to attract a steady number of participants, around 80 to 90, generating consistent revenue without incurring expenses, indicating effective cost management.

Smu5h Series:

Our SSBU events showed increasing participant numbers, from 117 to 142 across the month, demonstrating growing interest and engagement in the series, with consistent revenue and no expenses.

Frostbite and Ice Titans:

Our Frostbite event saw 47 participants, and the debut of Ice Titans attracted 71 participants, both managing to generate revenue with minimal to no expenses, showcasing potential for profitable event formats.

Operational Insights:

The event data from March reveals robust participation and engagement across Frost Esports' diverse event portfolio. The Blizzard series, despite its consistent participation and viewer numbers, shows a pattern of recurring expenses that slightly outweigh revenue, indicating a need for financial optimization within this flagship series.

The introduction of the Ice Titans event and the sustained success of the Frostbite event point to successful explorations in diversifying the event offerings and formats, potentially leading to more profitable ventures. The steady participant numbers in the Whiteout series, coupled with no expenses, illustrate an effective cost-control mechanism and a solid foundation for future Valorant events.

The Smu5h series, with its increasing participant trend, showcases growing interest and potential in the SSBU scene, reflecting well on community engagement and market positioning strategies.

Insight: Operational success in Frost Esports’ events is evident, yet financial efficiency needs to be woven into the larger narrative of event management. Strategic financial planning, coupled with innovative event marketing and community engagement strategies, will be key in enhancing profitability and sustaining growth in the competitive landscape of esports.


Social Media Engagement

Twitter Engagement:

March saw Frost Esports' Twitter impressions reaching 76,200 with an engagement rate of 3.10%, indicating active interaction with our content among the 7,481 followers. While the impressions are robust, the slight increase in followers suggests room for further growth and audience acquisition strategies.

Discord Community Dynamics:

Our Discord community expanded to 11,520 members, signifying a steady growth in our dedicated fan base. This platform remains a crucial hub for community engagement and interaction, although specific engagement metrics were not provided.

Twitch Streaming Insights:

On Twitch, we gained 239 followers, reflecting our content's reach and the platform's role in broadcasting our events to 9,845 followers. The data suggests an opportunity to increase viewer engagement and capitalize on Twitch’s potential for live event streaming and community building.

YouTube Initiative - Shorts:

YouTube showed progress with 20,700 impressions and a 0.39% engagement rate among 11 subscribers. The relatively low engagement rate indicates a need for content optimization and promotion strategies to bolster viewer interaction and subscription growth.


TikTok emerged as a promising platform with 8,964 impressions and a 2.38% engagement rate, boasting 337 followers. The platform’s higher engagement rate compared to YouTube suggests a more effective resonance of our content with the audience, highlighting the potential for creative and short-form content to drive growth.

Social Media Insights:

The March 2024 social media data for Frost Esports reveals a landscape of varying engagement and growth across platforms. Twitter and Discord show strong foundations in community interaction and size, respectively, while Twitch's impression numbers indicate the need for enhanced engagement strategies to convert impressions into consistent viewership.

YouTube's performance suggests a nascent stage of content development, with significant potential for increased viewer engagement and subscriber growth through targeted content strategies and marketing efforts. TikTok’s higher engagement rate presents an opportunity to leverage short-form content to enhance brand visibility and audience engagement further.


Frost Esports March: A Critical Analysis

The March transparency report for Frost Esports presents a comprehensive view of the organization's current standing and strategic direction. Here's a critical analysis of the entire report, examining financials, events, social media, and the roadmap development:

Financial Analysis:

The financial details reveal a focused expenditure on production and social media, indicating a commitment to improving content quality and brand presence. However, the buyouts and owner payouts reflect significant cash outflows that might strain the budget. The revenue from partnerships, while stable, suggests a need for diversification to mitigate risks associated with dependency on a few income sources. Financial sustainability will hinge on balancing strategic investments with revenue generation and cost management.

Event Operations:

The event data showcases successful participant engagement, particularly in the Blizzard and Smu5h series. However, the revenue generated appears modest in comparison to the scale of operations, signaling a potential gap in monetization strategies or cost efficiency. While the events are popular and well-received, translating this success into financial gain remains a challenge that requires innovative pricing, sponsorship, and marketing strategies.

Social Media Engagement:

The social media statistics indicate varying degrees of success across platforms, with notable growth in Discord and TikTok, suggesting strong community engagement and content resonance. However, the modest engagement rates on platforms like YouTube and Twitter point to a need for enhanced content strategies and audience targeting. A cohesive social media plan that aligns with overall marketing goals and event promotions could bolster Frost Esports’ online presence and audience engagement.

Roadmap and Strategic Planning:

The roadmap for becoming a leading name in online tournament hosting is ambitious and well-structured, with clear silos and phased initiatives. While the roadmap outlines a strategic approach to growth and market expansion, its execution will require meticulous planning, resource allocation, and continuous market assessment. The emphasis on community building, operational excellence, and financial sustainability is prudent, yet the actual impact of these initiatives will depend on effective implementation and the ability to adapt to market dynamics and internal capabilities.

Overall Critical Perspective:

Frost Esports' March report articulates a vision for growth and industry leadership, underpinned by strategic investments in content, community, and operational scalability. While the financials show a measured approach to expenditure, revenue generation needs more aggressive strategies to ensure long-term sustainability. The success in event engagement and social media growth highlights the brand's strong community connection, which should be leveraged to enhance brand visibility and monetization. The detailed roadmap reflects a forward-thinking approach but will require rigorous execution and flexibility to navigate the competitive and ever-evolving esports landscape.

In summary, Frost Esports stands at a pivotal juncture, with clear strategic goals and a roadmap that promises growth and industry prominence. The challenge will be in balancing ambitious growth plans with financial pragmatism and operational excellence, ensuring that the journey toward becoming the biggest name in online tournament hosting is both sustainable and successful.


Community and Story-Telling

Over the last month, we experimented with various styles of storytelling. Thanks to continuously returning players and teams, we were able to captivate various community members and boost engagement on Twitter and Discord. We'll continue to explore this story-telling venture in an effort to grow and showcase all the amazing talent in the scene.

Matt “Maverick” Reilly

Director of Operations | Frost Esports

Founder | L8TENCY, LLC

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