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Frost Esports April 2024 Transparency Report


Financial Overview:

  • Balanced financial performance in April with total revenues and expenses both at $1,170.

  • Focused investments in production and social media to enhance content quality.

  • Reliance on limited revenue streams, highlighting the need for diversification.

Event Operations:

  • Successful launch of Polar Flare 2, showing potential as a profitable event.

  • Blizzard series continues to experience slight financial shortfalls, underscoring the need for cost-efficiency improvements.

  • Consistent participation in Whiteout and Smu5h series, both achieving effective cost management.

Social Media Engagement:

  • Increased engagement on Twitter and TikTok, indicating effective content resonance.

  • YouTube's rise in impressions did not correlate with higher engagement, suggesting a need for strategic content enhancements.

  • Steady growth in Discord and Twitch followers, reinforcing their importance for community engagement.

Program-Based Restructure:

  • Transitioned from Departments to specialized Programs, focusing teams on specific games and functions.

  • This strategic shift aims to streamline operations and improve turnaround times for projects, enabling targeted growth and development in key areas.

  • Enhanced specialization and alignment with staff interests and expertise, expected to boost productivity and innovation in program-specific initiatives.


  • Frost Esports is effectively managing a balance between quality enhancement and financial prudence.

  • The need for innovative event monetization and diversified revenue streams is evident.

  • Continuous adaptation to changing market conditions and internal dynamics is essential for achieving long-term success and market dominance.

"February Transparency Report"



Expenses Breakdown:

  • Production: For a total of $460 this month, we covered our 4 main broadcasts as well as our Meltdown Production costs.

  • Social Media + Content: Social Media and Content Creation continue to be an important investment for us as we ramp up short form content production. This Silo cost us $180 for April.

  • Events + Owner Payouts: With our light event team and large owner involvement, we are able to keep Admin Expenses to $35 this month. This is the first month we were also able to payout owners more than our base $50 per month. Owner payouts are factored in after expenses are subtracted from revenue for a total of $495 this month.

Revenue Insights:

  • Revenue: With the Hot Pockets event this month, we totaled $1,170 in revenue. This includes all sources including sponsors/partners, Twitch and server subscriptions.

Financial Summary and Insight:

April's financial activities for Frost Esports showcased a balanced approach with a profit of $495. The investments in production and social media content are substantial, aiming to enhance the quality and reach of our events and digital presence. The consistency in owner and director payouts reflects ongoing financial commitments integral to our operational structure.

Insight: While April shows effective financial management with a balanced budget, the reliance on a few revenue sources highlights the need for diversifying income streams to enhance financial stability. The substantial investment in production and social media suggests a focus on quality and engagement, which are crucial for sustaining growth and competitive advantage in the esports industry.


Restructuring the Internal Team

Goal: To align our staff into key departments they care about.

Frost Esports aims to align staff into key departments that align with their passions and expertise, transitioning from a broad "Creative Department" to specialized programs focused on specific game titles and content areas. This reorganization is intended to streamline operations and enhance strategic development across various segments.

New Program Structure:

  1. Rocket League:

    1. Primarily focused on bettering our Rocket League events.

    2. Enhancing event quality, broadcasts, and social media campaigns that highlight competing players and organizations.

  2. Valorant:

    1. Focused on growing and enhancing our Valorant events.

    2. Developing Valorant's social media presence, securing key partnerships for events, and promoting community talent.

  3. Production:

    1. Focused on both Live Broadcast quality and Recorded Shows.

    2. Producing high-quality shows like The Meltdown, conducting player interviews, and creating engaging content.


The restructuring into specific programs reflects a strategic move to harness specialized skills and interests, fostering greater accountability and innovation within each segment. This approach is likely to facilitate quicker project turnaround and more focused strategic development, directly impacting the quality and engagement of Frost Esports' offerings.


Events and Operations

Blizzard Series:

April's iterations of the Blizzard event showcased solid participation, with participant numbers ranging from 177 to 244 across three events. Each iteration generated $50 in revenue against $66 in expenses, indicating a consistent pattern of costs slightly outweighing revenue.

Polar Flare 2:

The second Polar Flare event demonstrated impressive engagement, attracting 255 participants and 85 teams, with an average viewership of 38. The event generated significant revenue of $520, against expenses of $120, showcasing its potential as a highly profitable event format in the Rocket League scene.

Frostbite Series:

The Frostbite series continued with events attracting between 33 to 46 participants. Each event maintained a stable financial model, generating $50 in revenue against minimal expenses of $6.

Whiteout Series:

The Whiteout Valorant events in April saw a steady increase in participants, from 70 to 105 across the month. Because our owners run this event themselves, we made $100 in revenue per event, highlighting exceptional cost management and a solid foundation for future growth in our Valorant offerings.

Smu5h Series:

The Smu5h SSBU events consistently attracted participants in the range of 114 to 138, with each event generating $100 in revenue and no expenses.

Operational Insights:

April's event data reflects robust participation and financial management across Frost Esports' diverse event portfolio. The second iteration of the Polar Flare event and the continued success of the Frostbite series suggest effective diversification and potential for more profitable ventures. Consistently low expenses in the Whiteout and Smu5h series indicate excellent cost control, providing a strong basis for the continued success of these events.

Insight: While operational success is evident across Frost Esports' events, the financial patterns observed, particularly in the Blizzard series, necessitate a deeper dive into financial optimization strategies. Strategic financial planning, coupled with innovative event marketing and enhanced community engagement strategies, will be crucial for boosting profitability and sustaining growth in the competitive esports landscape.


Social Media Engagement

Twitter Engagement:

April saw Frost Esports' Twitter impressions slightly increase to 79,400 with an improved engagement rate of 3.80%, indicating more active interactions with our content among 7,467 followers. The slight decrease in followers suggests the need for refined audience acquisition and retention strategies.

Discord Community Dynamics:

Our Discord community grew to 11,627 members, continuing its steady expansion. This platform remains essential for fostering community engagement and interaction, supporting our broader community-building initiatives.

Twitch Streaming Insights:

Twitch experienced modest growth in April, reaching 9,952 followers with 1,075 unique viewers. This growth reflects a steady increase in content reach, yet highlights ongoing challenges in maximizing viewer engagement and converting impressions into consistent viewership.


YouTube's performance in April showed significant improvement, with impressions jumping to 36,000. However, the engagement rate slightly decreased to 0.35% among 12 subscribers, indicating ongoing challenges in content engagement despite increased visibility.


TikTok saw a decrease in impressions to 4,089 but a substantial increase in engagement rate to 5.09%, which is notably higher compared to other platforms. This suggests that while fewer people were reached, those who were engaged were significantly more interactive, pointing to the effectiveness of the content shared during the month.

Social Media Insights:

April's social media performance for Frost Esports demonstrates varied results across different platforms. While there is an overall increase in engagement rates, particularly on Twitter and TikTok, the decline in impressions on TikTok and slight follower losses on Twitter and YouTube highlight areas for strategic improvement. Effective content strategies tailored to each platform’s audience can help convert these engagements into more substantial follower growth and sustained viewer participation.

The improved interaction rates on Twitter and TikTok particularly highlight the potential for creative and engaging content to resonate well with the audience. However, the continuing challenges on YouTube, despite higher impressions, call for a focused approach on content optimization and promotion to enhance viewer interaction and subscription growth.

In summary, while Frost Esports shows potential in leveraging social media platforms to enhance brand visibility and engage with the esports community, April's data indicates the need for ongoing adjustments in content strategy and community engagement efforts to fully capitalize on the opportunities presented by each social media channel.


Frost Esports April: A Critical Analysis

The April transparency report for Frost Esports provides an updated snapshot of the organization's operations across financials, events, and social media platforms. Here's a critical analysis of each section of the report, highlighting key developments and areas for strategic refinement.

Financial Analysis:

April's financial activities exhibited a precise balance between revenue and expenses, each totaling $1,170. Revenue streams, though stable from sources like Trolli and Hot Pocket, point towards a continued reliance on limited income sources, which could pose risks if diversified streams are not developed. While investments in production and social media signify a focus on quality and engagement, the equal expenditure to revenue ratio underscores the need for enhanced financial strategies to boost profitability and ensure sustainability.

Event Operations:

Event data from April shows robust engagement, especially in new and ongoing series like Polar Flare and the consistent Whiteout and Smu5h series. The introduction of Polar Flare as a profitable venture indicates a successful expansion in Frost Esports' event offerings. However, recurring expenses in the Blizzard series that outpace revenue highlight inefficiencies that could be addressed to enhance financial returns. The events are well-received with solid participation metrics, yet the conversion of these successes into higher financial gains remains a critical challenge.

Social Media Engagement:

Social media performance in April displayed mixed results. Platforms like Twitter and TikTok showed increased engagement rates, reflecting successful content resonance. However, YouTube's growth in impressions was not matched by engagement rates, which declined slightly, suggesting that content or promotional strategies may not be optimally aligned with audience preferences. Discord and Twitch showed steady growth, yet the platforms' potential for deeper community engagement and retention strategies could be further exploited.

Overall Critical Perspective:

The April report highlights Frost Esports' ongoing efforts to balance growth initiatives with operational and financial stability. The financial performance, although balanced, calls for strategic innovations to broaden revenue streams and reduce dependency on specific partners. Event operations continue to be a strong suit, yet financial optimization within these popular events could enhance overall profitability.

In social media, the varied performance across platforms indicates the necessity for a unified and adaptive content strategy that aligns more closely with platform-specific audience dynamics and preferences. Continued growth and sustainability will depend on Frost Esports' ability to integrate these insights into a coherent operational strategy that not only addresses current inefficiencies but also anticipates future market and industry shifts.

In summary, Frost Esports is positioned for growth but faces challenges that require strategic adjustments and continued innovation. The organization's ability to implement effective strategies across financial management, event operations, and social media engagement will be crucial in solidifying its stature and achieving long-term success in the competitive esports landscape.


Back to Basics

This month was hard for me from a leadership standpoint. I noticed 2 major factors playing into Frost's success; the loss of passionate staff and genuine content as well as the over-professionalism in the brand. We focused so hard on being "Professional" that we lost that community feel both behind-the-scenes and publicly. At the end of this month, we let a few people go that clearly did not want to be here as much as the rest of us. We will continue to bring in highly passionate people that want to build with us. We also hope to get back to putting out community focused content.

Matt “Maverick” Reilly

Director of Operations | Frost Esports

Founder | L8TENCY, LLC

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